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Stephanie Buckwalter has decided it’s high time to spread the wealth. OK, to spread the wealth of knowledge she has gained as a special needs parent. To be honest, spreading her material wealth wouldn’t do much for anyone so this is by far a better deal. She is on a mission to help special needs parents get past the shock and pain of the diagnosis and speed the learning curve so they can start helping their children based on informed research and personal convictions about what they learn.

As she pondered how to go about doing this, Stephanie remembered the impact Welcome to Holland had on her. After a few decades in Holland with more years to come, she has become an experienced tour guide who can help you stop floundering, develop coping skills and find the information you need to get around and function in this brave new world.

After multiple stops in Holland and a few side trips to Italy, she added travel agent to her expertise. She can direct you to information about resources and therapies to help you flourish and plan your next destination in Holland or even help you pack those bags for Italy.

And as an added bonus, you may even find there’s joy in the journey.